Barrier Free Access Control


High Security Lobby Mantrap System

The Access Control Radar system is a package of modules that may be retro-fitted into a commonly configured building vestibule, converting that space into a medium security mantrap which allows the entry of only one authorized person at a time, while ignoring any cart, luggage or parcel in their possession. 


The system is a combination of interconnected electronic door locks, ceiling-mounted stereo cameras, sophisticated software, a motion detector, an alarm annunciator, Exit button and a control unit.

Access Control Radar is designed to work with the most customary vestibule door control configuration: a pre-existing, externally mounted entry control card reader or PIN unit         adjacent to the locked outside single or double door. The adaptive FSC Radar system requires no extensive floor, wall or ceiling alterations and is resistant to sunlight, glass, and mirrors.


The heart of the FSC Radar system is the unique, patented technology.


This technology specifically and reliably admits only one person into a restricted area per valid authorization by tagging and tracking the person within the scanning zone, thus eliminating the security risks of piggybacking and tailgating.


The FSC Radar software accepts data from virtually any badge or access system, including biometric and smart I.D. systems, card readers, or PIN pads. FSC Radar controls the electromechanical door locks so that when any one door is open, all other doors of the vestibule are automatically locked.


  • Adapts to existing building and can be integrated into an existing vestibule, small lobby or interior
  • Simple to install – no civil works such as the digging up of expensive flooring.
  • Seamless incorporation into existing building security
  • Low or no maintenance – The system has no motors, gearboxes or moving parts to wear out or break
  • No special lighting required; over- head office-level of 300 lux is sufficient and the system is unaffected by full ambient light from the
  • Allows mixed traffic – can be used as an entry and egress point for both pedestrian and carts without the need of special staging areas on the floor.
  • Allows free egress from the building by multiple persons at the same time.
  • It is a stand-alone system requiring no central monitoring, control or management.
  • Alarm annunciator – wall or ceiling mounted
  • Control Unit – wall mounted
  • Stereo camera heads – ceiling mounted
  • Motion sensor unit – integrator’s choice
  • Interior door electronic locks – integrator’s choice
  • Exit button – integrator’s choice
  • Exterior entry control unit – pre-existing, by owner

The Access Control Radar system may be easily retro-fitted into a commonly configured building vestibule.