The perfect solution for a wide range of security systems, offering a higher level of under vehicle inspection system that suits all vehicle types without any need for personal intervention.

The under vehicle inspection system Working with an ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) camera, every vehicle is automatically stored in the Under Vehicle Inspection database system by license plate number with high resolution colour undercarriage footprint in addition to the driver and vehicle images. These high resolution scanned images enable objects with a minimum size of 0.4*0.4cm to be recognized.


  • 5 high resolution color camera system capturing any type of vehicle up to 3.5 meters width with unlimited vehicle length
  • System Dimensions (LxWxH): 170x50x35cm
  • Vehicle image acquiring within 3 seconds
  • System working temperature: -45 to +85 with direct sunlight, no need for shelter
  • Double IP 68 System: LED modules + The entire system, including all conduit pipes.
  • Automatic Threats detection and comparison between current vehicle image to reference image of the same vehicle down to objects of 0.4*0.4 cm.
  • Bi-directional scanning ability from one system
  • Vehicle Speed up to 45km/h (28 mph)
  • Learning system capability for identifying the vehicle model and type for initial vehicles scans
  • Unique Cooling unit/ Heating unit for setting and remaining the desire system temperature
  • Unique Anti-Condensation unit for preventing steam
  • ALPR camera, delivers two images: Vehicle license plate image + overview digital color vehicle image
  • Unique protecting material for glass anti scratch and breaking against potential small rocks and nails inside vehicle’s wheels
  • Friendly operator UI, ability to export reports
  • Ability to connect and share information between several systems or several different sites under one sharing server
  • Full integration with other access control system: bollards, arm barriers, wedge barriers, RFID, Biometric
  • Plug & Play system
  • Shallow mount excavation, only 35cm
  •  Government Buildings
  •  Airports
  •  Seaports
  •  Embassies
  •  Hotels
  •  Parking lots
  •  Military Bases
  •  Prisons
  •  Power Plants


Road Blockers Titano with hydraulic motion, are the perfect solution to protect companies, hotels and conventions centers entries besides all the high density areas. Current models are the result of the continuous development of more than 25 years of experience.


  • Hydraulic movement, it the most reliable technology for intense use and it is of course, the best solution independently from all temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Built-in hydraulic pump for a simple installation of the bollard.
  • Hot galvanized structure and formwork for a long term resistance to wear.
  • Wide range of customization: custom colours, integrated LED, unlock electrical valve, heater resistance, buzzer etc.
  • Control the transit of vehicles in hotel’s pedestrian zones, companies, congress centers etc.
  • Parking access control
  • Driveway access control


K4 Surface mount bollard – METIS is an innovative all-electric bollard system. High security sliding bollards designed to meet the highest security ASTM and PAS 68 standards.

The Metis has a unique all-electric drive unit, with simple and reliable chain drive system.
Mounts on any concrete pad that is thicker than 200 mm using common anchor bolts.
With its unique look and technology the METIS, provides a highly advanced and reliable product in the perimeter security area.


  • Elegant look with high visibility LED lights
  • Electric green system – no oil leaks, no air compressors etc
  • Maintenance free
  • Plug & Play with just electric wires
  • No excavations needed, Simple surface mount installation
  • Finish suits any outdoor conditions (S.S, galvanized, polyuria)
  • Built in drive unit and control board
  • Height above road (H) 1010 mm / 39.76″
  • Base height 114 mm / 4.48″
  • Regular Operation speed – 4 sec
  • Protection level – ASTM F2656 07–M30 (K4)
  • IP rate – IP-54
  • Operation temp -20+60 °C / -4+140 F Heating unit is optional
  • Options – LED lights, IR safety eyes
  • Actuator – Electric 3 phase motor with chain drive system
  • Inductive Open/Close limit switches
  • Power – 1.5 Kw three phase motor, Power supply Suits customer requirements
  • Duty cycle – 100{486142f53d9c525eb2520e0e1ef9b2b73fca8238eeb8e3bc8a2c2a57831fee27} 240 cycles per hour
  • Airports
  • Army Bases
  • Navy Ports
  • Secured Compounds
  • Government buildings
  • Gated facilities
  • Commercial Perimeters