Industrial sliding gate by Flow Systems

Industrial Sliding Gates

Property is one of the biggest investments you will make. Ensuring the safety of your assets on your property is one of the most important factors to consider. Installing an Industrial Sliding Gate on your property will keep unwanted visitors and criminals from entering.

Flow Systems Manufacturers installs a wide range of Industrial Sliding Gates – from 3m to 8m in width and up to 3m in height – for industrial and commercial properties such as factories, car parks, retail sites, mines, complexes, etc.

The Industrial Sliding gate is ideal for properties with limited space or a sloped terrain preventing installation of swing gates for example.

Automatic or manual

Two models are offered as standard:

The Industrial Sliding Gate has manual as well as automatic options including access control components such as remote control, push buttons, keypads, key switches, intercoms and biometrics.

The Industrial Sliding Gate can slide either left or right depending on your requirements.

We design and manufacture a range of high-quality access control barriers and so you can feel assured in using us for your industrial sliding gate needs.