Half Height Turnstiles


Our half height turnstiles and speed gates for the industrial and prestige markets are made to the same robust and styling standards as our industrial and prestige full height turnstiles.

The design functionality and reliability of our turnstiles and speed gates provide businesses the peace of mind knowing that systems are well integrated and access controlled to the desired requirements.

Flow Systems’ team of experts will design, manufacture to specifications and installation and maintenance is coordinated to ensure minimal disruption.

Our half height turnstiles are underpinned by an unmatched warranty due to the superior specifications.

Product Code: 376

Product code: 351WHT & 424SGATE

Product Code: 392

Stainless Steel Drop Arm

Product Code: 429

Half Height Turnstile Speed Gate

Product Code: Auto FHGate

Product Code: 302

Half Height Turnstile Speed Gate

Product Code: FSC330

Retail Turnstile

Product Code: 757