Baggage scanner for security and access control

Luggage and Baggage Scanners

We offer X-ray baggage scanner models for security screening in government buildings and other high-security establishments, such as airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs. Compact and adaptable scanners, they can screen a broad variety of baggage sizes and forms, from tiny purses and bags to bigger suitcases and cartons. They generate detailed photographs of the contents of the luggage using a high-energy X-ray source, which are then shown on a colour monitor for analysis.

The Xray scanners offer a high-volume screening system with an intuitive interface and quick scanning speed that facilitate the identification of possible hazards by operators.

Additionally, they incorporates cutting-edge imaging technologies to increase the precision and effectiveness of the screening procedure, such as automatic threat recognition and picture enhancement. In order to guarantee the safety of both operators and passengers, they are equipped with a number of safety features, including radiation shielding and interlocks. It is designed to meet international safety and security standards.

Features and Benefits

The security screening procedure entails running the luggage through an X-ray machine, which produces X-rays by way of electromagnetic radiation. An operator watches the screen that displays the image of the contents created by the X-rays as they go through the luggage.

Any potentially hazardous materials, including firearms or explosives, that might be concealed in the luggage can be found by the operator. A non-intrusive screening technique that can identify potentially dangerous goods without requiring physical searches is X-ray baggage inspection.

Luggage and baggage scanner from Flow Systems
Drawing showing items identified when bag put through the x-ray baggage scanner