R2 billion Pick n Pay Super Distribution Centre marks a milestone in security infrastructure

R2 billion Pick n Pay Super Distribution Centre marks a milestone in security infrastructure

May 16, 2024

R2 billion Pick n Pay Super Distribution Centre marks a milestone in security infrastructure

The inauguration of Pick n Pay’s state-of-the-art inland distribution centre marked a significant milestone, accompanied by the meticulous selection of security infrastructure partners.

It is the largest single-phase warehousing development in South Africa.

The Pick n Pay Super Distribution Centre, which has Flow Systems’ industrial turnstiles installed throughout

This 165,000m² structure includes an ambient environment building (Dry Goods) of 94,000m², a cold storage building (Perishables) of 46,000m² and a returnable building (RRU) of 25,000m². The Dry Goods building houses approximately 14 rugby fields under its massive roof which spans approx. 280m at its widest part of the building. Among the chosen collaborators stands Flow Systems Manufacturers, entrusted with fortifying these large premises. Within this sprawling domain, the imperative for stringent access control measures loomed large, dictating the deployment of top-tier barriers to regulate the ingress and egress of pedestrian traffic.

At the heart of the security apparatus lie the formidable industrial turnstiles meticulously crafted by Flow Systems. These robust installations epitomise impenetrability, serving as sentinel-like guardians to seamlessly manage the movement of personnel within secure perimeters using facial biometric systems. Leveraging cutting-edge design and engineering, Flow Systems’ industrial turnstiles offer property owners a bulwark against unauthorised access and ensuring operational continuity.

Complementing these industrial turnstiles are Flow Systems’ waist-height turnstiles, poised to augment the site’s access control framework. Tailored for deployment across industrial and prestige environments, these turnstiles mirror the robust construction and aesthetic finesse of their full-height counterparts. Engineered to exacting standards, these turnstiles not only reinforce security protocols but also exude a sense of sophistication, aligning seamlessly with the architectural and functional requirements of diverse business landscapes.

Beyond the provision of hardware, Flow Systems also pledges comprehensive support encompassing design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Drawing upon the expertise of its seasoned professionals, the company customises solutions to precise specifications, ensuring an easy integration within the existing infrastructure. Moreover, meticulous project coordination guarantees minimal disruption, underscoring Flow Systems’ commitment to delivering not just products, but security solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Flow Systems’ integral role in fortifying the Pick n Pay distribution centre underscores its unwavering dedication to advancing security infrastructure. Through a combination of innovation, reliability and service excellence, the company helps empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of modern security challenges with confidence and peace of mind.